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Healthier people.
Stronger businesses.
Your employees are your greatest assets. Taking care of their physical and mental health has never been more important.
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On a mission to improve the human condition
Build a people-first culture
“The key—if you want to build habits that last—is to join a group where the desired behaviour is the normal behaviour.” - James Clear. Let your business be that group. We help leaders build psychologically safe environments where good health and wellbeing is recognised as the foundation of performance and productivity.
Measure and manage
Data-driven decision making around employee health and wellbeing requires accurate, current, and comprehensive data. Empower your employees to track and understand their own health and wellbeing while using aggregated data insights to make informed wellbeing strategy decisions.
Line graph show example data of departmental growth month-on-month.
Your comprehensive wellbeing solution
Providing your employees with the tools they need to proactively enhance their wellbeing.
Activity data tracking
Gamified competition
Mental and physical health insights & analytics
Sleep, meditation and workout content
1:1 behavioural coaching and therapy
Social interaction
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Habit Hacker eBook
Learn how to build a healthy exercise habit with the help of behavioural science
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Implementation Guide
Tips and tricks for getting the most out of Strove
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Strove Champion Leaflet
Wellness champions can supercharge your employee wellness strategy
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Line graph show example data of departmental growth month-on-month.
A small price to pay for the wellbeing of your organisation
A business is only as healthy as its employees. Our proactive wellbeing platform uses behavioural science and game design principles to create positive sustainable behaviour change.
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See what our clients have to say
“Strove has been an excellent tool to motivate and reward our staff for being active, which greatly assists our desire to have thriving people. We’ve seen active and healthy people improve performance and Strove has made this objective simple.”
Bevan Ducasse, CEO
Mr Price
"Strove is an exceptional wellness app that stands out for its live leaderboard, comprehensive well-being support, commitment to constant advancements, and potential for fostering positive employee engagement. It has undoubtedly made a positive impact on my associates journey towards better health and wellbeing."
Joanna Maingard, Talent Specialist
"I have seen the excitement in staff whilst using the Strove app! I would strongly encourage workplaces and individuals to use it!"
Samantha Leigh Snyders